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How has your week been??Hope its been absolutely wonderful. Well, its Inspirational Friday on This is one of my most wonderful segments on this blog(quite frankly)

Have you ever been asked this question,“Who do you think you are??”Well, i believe you have and if not, you might and will soon be asked but do you have the answer with you?? I mean, that question is pretty much important in as much as most times its used in a tone insinuating that you are nothing. zet

Well, Get this! it matters to God what you think in a daily basis and most importantly, how you think of yourself or better put, the kind of thoughts you have towards yourself. You know,The world and its system has caused many to think in a certain kind of way which of course, is not the God kind of way. Have you noticed??The world and its system teaches you to be a victim not victor,consumer not producer,to be average not excellent. This has hurt many people and affected their attitude towards themselves negatively.

No! God’s thoughts towards you are not that way.No! A thousand times NO! Check the scriptures really well, Is as a Man thinketh so is he inside there(prov 23:7)?? What about Jesus words?? Nothing shall be impossible unto a man that believes(Mark 9:23)?? What about this one??Now God has said that we are more than conquerors(Romans 8:37)?? This alone and more of course in the bible speak volumes of what God thinks of you. Good thoughts,Big thoughts but Heey!! Who do you think you are?? let

Well, remember, As you (put your wonderful name here) THINK so are you. Think Success!! Think philipians 4:13, Think Big about you.Have thoughts that you are a world changer,world beater for Jesus. Yes! Think that because i tried my hand in business and it didn’t go well the first,second and third time, am not a failure.Think that because a budding investor or employer rejected you or your idea, AM A SUCCESS 4 LIFE. Refuse to bow to the seemingly ‘true’ situation,stick to who God says you are. Dare to think think with him. You are who God says you are.


#Stay Tuned.

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