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Have you ever been involved in something and you gave it your all but its as though no one appreciates it?? In fact, its as though you never actually did something at least according to the indicators you had in mind?? Well,  you know what, don’t pack your bags yet!

Such things happen but just like my mentor, my coach, my pastor, Rev.Dr. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd would say,‘they only came to pass’. Yes!! they only came to pass!! The reason why its happening is because your Faith has to be tested just like the beautiful, precious gold mineral has to go through fire to be refined( 1 peter 1:6) but guess what, your faith is more precious than that gold. That’s why you should count it all joy when you go through such. Yes!! Be happy not sad!! Celebrate, Rejoice.

What you are seeing at the time is not true, remain in course because your miracle, yes!! your victory shout is just but near . It could be that you’ve always done your work excellently and even your supervisor loves your wok but you eventually are not appreciated the way you expected or may be your business is not making the kind of profits you want it to but you have done everything including giving seed in church for the profit you want but its as though (Note: Its as though) there’s no change. Whatever your situation is, listen, refuse to be dissuaded because the real thing is not yet.

While in the situation, Thank God for your success already, yes!! your victory in whatever it is, thank God. This is because what you are currently in is just there to pass. Hahaha!! Jubilate! Celebrate!

Something else, Maintain Your Confession. Keep Saying it, Don’t Stop talking it! This is important because what you say, you will have(Mark 11:23). It also voices out your faith and helps you stay on course.

Have A Blessed Weekend.




Share with a Gentleman

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