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Its Friday Folks!!  ‘ And when its Friday you know it is ? ‘(Yes! i borrowed that from Larry Madowo’s #theTrend host punchline).20160424_210858

Let me begin by saying that this is my most amazing segment of all segments as highlighted by the blog post EXPECT THESE. Not that the rest are unimportant or less important, of course they are, but i find this one special because with this one is an opportunity to inspire you for the weekend, the new week and also for the future. I consider it a privilege to always have you here and i want you to always be inspired and stay that way. Yes! its possible just follow me through on this and the many posts that i’ll share…. But First things First,

Am not sure how often as an individual you always have thoughts of success. Whether in business if you have one, in your blog like me, academics if you are a student or basically anything you are involved in. Success in this case doesn’t only refer to having monies if its a business but building a business brand, not just getting ‘A’ grades  in all courses in University if you are student but having ‘A’ in life too and you can go on and on with this…Do you ever have them? Well, i do. I mean, didn’t they tell us that success belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams? Lupita Ny’ongo, the Oscar Award winner, recently said that your dreams are valid right?? This shows you that you are on  the right track to think like that and by the way, keep thinking that way, keep having those mental pictures that keep you inspired for your success.

But you know what, i have learn’t not to just stop there. I mean, i want it actualized. Here is a little of what i gathered from my fellowship with God that am confident will be of help,’ many want to have the best life but at the same time, they don’t want to invest in that which will get them to achieve it’.[If you’ve never had God’s voice talk to you, you must be wondering “How God can Say such to you” but hey! he lives in me and is also my father, he is therefore concerned with everything concerning me, in fact more concerned than i am.] Think through this, how many materials do you have that will put you in that direction? Or do you think they are ‘too’ expensive for you? Do you still think that your budget is too tight for you to get that book or pay for that seminar/programme that will make you a better person and help you achieve it?? What about loving from a distance that dear friend that just makes you think of a detour when you’ve already made up your mind to get it ? or do you think that its too hard or costly for you to do that??

Well, you know what, I’ve learnt that for every success, you require a change of thinking, change of thinking patterns. An Eagle is a perfect example, for it to fly higher than any bird in the world, it has to shed off its beautiful feathers that stop it from flying in those levels.”As long as you keep thinking the same, your life will always go in the same direction”(Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd,Dsc.) Image result for sowing quotes

Apostle Paul talked of renewing your mind for a transformed life(Romans 12:2). That means change the way you think concerning the monies your going to spend for that book or material and have right ones for it, if its a challenge your facing for instance finances, change your thinking of it including paying tithes to your church and giving to those in need. When you change your thinking this way, some people may not agree with you, there times you’ll even think that your just pushing yourself too much therefore you should stop. But mount guard over such(prov 4:23) because you are still on course and until you get there, no stopping.

Wow!! I may not have accomplished much by now so that i should give you such inspiration but you know what, one thing is certain, armed with these kind of inspiration and thoughts, its only a matter of time.That time is nigh and when it is that time I’ll remind you this!

Hope you found this Inspirational. Kindly let me know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

Have a weekend and Week Full of Inspiration!!




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