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The weather can sometimes change drastically and depending on the change, the body will respond differently. If it becomes cold, without forcing it, your body craves for cover and cringes as a result. The other of course is if it changes to hot ( i would not like to dwell on this one here as this particular post is for the cold – not the so rattling kind though, just the mild one majorly experienced in most parts of Africa e.g. East, West & Central Africa )

The following tips take assumption that the change happenned in the wee  morning hours or in the late night after the weather man predicted a warm weather. Well, just before you make yourself coffee or tea ; Here are 6 grooming tips to keep you Warm & Fashionable.

  (These are just some of them, therefore let me know of any i might have left out or that you are doing to ensure your both warm and fashionable in the comments section below.)

No.1 on the list is a Trench Coat. Well, this is an awesome piece that will definitely substitute your suit blazer any time especially when the weather is this chilly. There are however few tips to note while getting yourself one;

1. Get your own size that’s a perfect fit.  

2. Get one that is just above the knee line – it’s more official.

3. Go for Subtle Colors meaning not too bright or flashy.

4. Get one that matches your Suit trouser(if you want to leave out the suit blazer.)

No.2 on the list is a turtle neck jumper.

Image result for turtle neck jumper for men Well, this is a definite substitution of a shirt and  works perfect for both warmth and fashion as it can easily blend or complement the suit. It comes in different colors therefore you can choose a good number for yourself when shopping.

No. 3 on the list is a Hand glove. Well, your fingers when exposed to such chilly conditions tend to become numb especially if your kind of work demands that you make  several movements. This would really help keep your hands warm in the office.                                       Image result for office hand gloves for men

No.4 on the list is office boots. This kind of boots are special for such weathers especially because of the extended length of the normal ankle line. They ensure that not an ounce of cold can get to the toes. Apart from that, no need for estimations while jumping over some flood water on the way because their height easily allows you to do that. Lastly, it keeps your trouser from the dirt on the floor and water on the streets.                  Image result for men office boots

No.5 well,this is not a favourite with men but gentlemen, it’s not time for chest thumping right now. Kindly get yourself an umbrella, it will save you a lot of embarrassment on the streets oh!! And a lot of running for the closest shade too 😂.

No.6 on the list and the last one is a scarf. This is definitely a great way to keep yourself warm without having to substitute your shirt for the turtle jumper. It’s also a great way to add color to your look of course not too flashy again just subtle.Image result for men office scarf




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  1. Great tips!
    I think guys could also wear marvins or woollen caps during the cold weather. If the head is covered then you will definitely feel warmer because you are reducing the surfaces from which one can lose heat and it makes a huge difference.



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