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HELLO!HELLO!kilifi 2

How was your Month of May??(Am aware that this not the last day of May but just a day to go so it’s still a valid question). Hope its been super wonderful just as mine has been.

Well, First of all I hoped for an interview with this gentleman as I earlier had said on my Facebook page Suitup55, which was not possible for it to happen but hey! It’s still a viable option for the new month of June.So stay tuned. For now though, let me know in the comments section below what you would want me to ask him during the interview. Thanks In Advance.

Onto today’s MCM feature and its none other than Mr. Brian Chanzera who is a Professional Fashion Model that has two awards from the Kenya Methodist University for Mr.KeMU and his latest trophy in the cabinet and crown on his head is MR.KILIFI COUNTY. Well, he has also earned an EBRU AFRICA tv interview for his Toothbrush For Identity Campaign in the coastal region. Check out his interview Kilifi

The reason I featured him here was not because he is MR.KILIFI COUNTY and that would earn my blog good viewership but because of his sense of fashion and excellence in grooming. I mean, that’s what MCM is all about, celebrating excellently groomed gentlemen. His title only came in as a plus. Does he have a stylist? No! which means he came up with this look. Let’s quickly look at what earned him the spot on

  1. Blue SuitWell, his choice of blue must have been because he was heading to class therefore a colorful suit would be preferable for such a setting. However, he is still MR.KILIFI COUNTY therefore he has to stand out always and with no shadow of doubt that blue suit did just enough to fulfill exactly that. Were he to attend an office meeting, he was all set.In brief, the versatility of this blue Suit is just remarkable.suitup55 1
  2. Knit Tie with Tie clipRemember when I shared about the Knit Tie on Global suit trends blog post?? Here it is again. I absolutely love what he did right here with this tie. He chose a darker shade of blue for the tie which jelled really well with the suit, allowing that blue suit to take the lime light for the day. I mean, despite it being a suit trend, he made it look rather common in this look which came out so beautifully. The tie clip added glamour to his look.suitup55.white
  3. Accessories[ Wrist – Watch, Kenyan flag wrist band and Kenyan Flag Lapel pin] Accessories are a way of emphasizing fashion consciousness and making a statement any time. In this look he was not only communicating patriotism but also associating with his office as MR.KILIFI COUNTY and he did it in style#Nailedit. His pocket square also did well to emphasize the white
  4. Brown Shoe – Ever heard the narrative of brown shoes matching up really well with a black suit?? Well, what do you think of this blue suit with the brown shoe? I personally love this combination especially with those black and white socks on, they helped emphasize his blue and white theme for the look and take off the attention from the lovely Blue Suit.suitup55 1
  5. ConfidenceBoy! his confidence while walking added that special touch to his look. How did i know his confident? While walking, he maintained his chin up, his chest out and a majestic pace down the streets.Kinda like how a lion moves in the wilderness without any jittery. When i greeted him, his handshake was very bold and lastly, while talking to him, he maintained eye-contact as well as when he was talking to me.confidence 1

Congratulations His Excellency,

Mr. Brian Chanzera.kilifi 2

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