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Its a New Month Folks! *Excitement*DSC_3484

Once again thank you for your time in the Month of May; Let’s keep journeying together in this month too.


Well, ever heard of working out your faith? Do you know that you can work out your faith?? Oh Yes! you can. God is not fully responsible for where you are or where you are going to be five years from now. You have a role; a part to play in all of it. Many have for a long time thought so and when they realized that it didn’t happen in as much as they believed, thanked God for it and even ‘tried’ , they immediately concluded that its not God’s will for it to happen. But that’s not true! The awesome Bible is full of examples of people who had faith but didn’t stop at that, they moved; they worked it out and boy! they were not losers, failures or even disappointed they did. Talk of Papa Abraham, King David, King Solomon, Paul, Esther, Woman with the issue of blood and i can go on and on to mention them because they are many. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. My Mentor,My LifeCoach said that FAITH NEVER FAILS.DSC_3504

Did they have challenges?Oh Yes they did. Times when their faith was tested? Oh Yes they did. Were they bruised in any way? Oh yes they were. But they didn’t throw in the towel and that’s what made the all time difference. Boy! i’ve learnt to be steadfast in my faith despite the challenges because i already won in Christ; just a victory parade now *SmileS*

You Know,Most of the challenges that people have are mostly never money-related, job-related or any of those they share. FAITH IS THEIR PROBLEM. How did i know?? Jesus talked of something profound again from the Bible not just once but a good number of times. He said that ‘Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE unto a MAN that believes’ He again said it in Mark 11;23. James 1;23 shows us that faith causes you to move while Hebrews 11 talks of faith not failing or ever failed. Boy! move, work it out! Start that business, start that school, be the best in that office.

However remember, you are not working out your faith for the sake. You are working it out to get what it is you want and until you get it, you don’t stop! This is very legal/valid in the word of God. Am always amazed;inspired and fired up by how the lady in the bible who went to court to file a case against a man that had harmed her. The bible records that she didn’t stop coming back again and again in as much the judge kept refusing,ignoring and even tired of tolerating her. She kept coming back despite the judge being tired of it until when the judge decided that he was tired of her and decided to give her what she wanted. Boy! that is FAITH. It probably would have taken the case several years but she couldn’t wait when she knew what to do.(Luke 18:1-8).

Just because they said no to that job you wanted should not get you going/leaving, just because they refused to hand you that contract shouldn’t get you packing, just because they demoted you shouldn’t make you eat the so called humble pie. No! Work out your faith and get what it is you want. In your business, your evangelism, your academics, office and what nought! You name it.DSC_3477

Will people like it? Not all. Some of them will even scold you, despise you, ignore you but they are not a factor. Keep working it out; there’s no doubt about it; you can only come out rejoicing in victory.


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