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Happy New Week.20160530_164105

The Month of June started of with the sun in the sky and clouds in absence re; of course when the sun shows up their are many ways to switch to fashion that suits the weather right? Well, today on MCM is Mr.Santiego from Mexico who i thought nailed it considering the hot weather[i wasn’t in Mexico in the weekend though!]. This look at first glance just brought ideas to my mind and boy! in mind i was just clapping, admiring and thanking God for a perfect MCM feature(LOL!). (Kindly let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Thanks in Advance.)

 Here’s what earned him the spot on MCM feature:

  1. Denim SuitThis kind of suit is rare in Nairobi and for him to have it shows how conscious he is of fashion.The suit looks ‘faded’ which is not anything new for any denim item but its apparently not faded. That’s how the fabric is. Since he was heading to class, a v-necked muscle tee is a great way to take off the office look and be ready for the class. [N/B: This is also one suit that is versatile for both the official and unofficial setting, you can also put this one for the office.]20160530_163958
  2. Accessories –  [Sunglasses,Wrist- Watch,bracelet and a stud] I love how he accessorized. Considering the weather of the day, fashion eye-glasses were not suitable for this kind of weather. He went for the Sunglasses instead and boy! doesn’t he look good?  The Watch makes a bold statement of how time-conscious he is while the stud emphasizes his style.    20160530_164430  [N/B: Of course you can spice up the look with some accessories in this look
  3. Toney Red ShoeWell, from a far no one needs to tell you that it was made in italy. I mean, its almost obvious that it definitely was right? The color of this shoe is just right for that denim suit, it sure did complement the look and made him stand out among many.20160530_164621

Remember to let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

Cheers! Folks.

Congratulations His Excellency,

Mr. Santiego.

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