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Good Evening, How was your day? My day was absolutely amazing.I don’t know about you though, mind sharing? I’d be glad to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

Well, today on the Edutainment Segment is something that perhaps only the ladies practice . At least a majority of them if not all (and may be a few gentlemen). I personally thought its one of those girly things every time I overheard it or saw it in one of the ladies’ fashion blogs not until I discovered that its indeed as inseparable as fuel for a car or food when you are hungry. Want to know what it is?



What’s a Wish list? A wish list is a written document that makes plain one’s idea for what to purchase usually in order of priority and may be with a date for when.

Why is a wish list important?  Think about the many actions you’ve taken before, none of them was not preplanned right? I mean even the simplest of your actions was a well thought out plan. Well, a wish list Firstly,

  1. Helps you organize your shopping spree prior to shopping – Have you been to a shopping store to buy something but you hadn’t planned to be there in the first place and while purchasing it your second thinking it? Hahaha! (LOL!). It’s happened to me too. Well, not any more just take some time and plan.


  1. Helps keep the mind focused on other things while on the streets before you see such and such a thing and immediately you want to get it for yourself – Sounds familiar? That time you are probably walking or driving somewhere and something just captures your attention and the next thing is that you want to get it for yourself immediately. Meanwhile, you were on your way to do something but you are already late because of that item? That’s what am talking about. Not funny at all (LOL!)DSC_3504


  1. It also gives you confidence while shopping for an item – This is particularly very important when shopping, you need to have confidence in why your shopping for an item. But to do that, you need to plan for it.


  1. With a wish list, you also help your mind understand that you’ll get it soon – Have you ever purchased something hastily because you had the money and the item is too beautiful to leave? Well, it’s not bad/wrong but when it’s done often, it could become become a spendthrift like habit and that may not be good at all. It therefore deals with the temptation to hastily purchase something.


  1. It helps you organize your money to avoid over-spending – Well, the truth is that money will always find its way to you but as long as you don’t plan for it you will always think it’s too little for your activities while it’s necessarily not so. A wish list is therefore one way to know how to plan your money in order to get it/them.

Any reason I may have left? Kindly be free to add it in the comments section below. Cheers!

Share with a Gentleman

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