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Hey! Happy New Week.

 [How was your Father’s day? Mine was super amazing. It reminded me of celebrating people while they are still alive. Wow! it was great celebrating my daddies, both Spiritual and Biological.You can let me know how yours was in the comments section below.Thanks in advance.]

Well, Today on‘s MCM is Mr. Bruce Bravo. Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur. On this particular day, the weather was chilly but nonetheless his smart casual look was warm,elegant and unique. Boy! He pulled it out really well. From the crown of his head to the sole of his feet, it was all well done and of course, I couldn’t but feature him on MCM. I mean, why not?

Here’s what earned him the spot on MCM feature:

  1. Choice of colors – Considering his dark-skinned complexion, his choice of colors looks well informed of it and he combined the bright colors handsomely to ensure that it was great.S55
  2. Acccessories Fashion eye glass, Hat – Well, his fashion eyeglass was a great idea for a combination with the hat. It made the look absolutely stylish and gave a lot of emphasis on the entire look being smart casual. I mean, it doesn’t look over-accessorized. It’s just modest. S559
  3. Woolen Cardigan – Considering the chilly weather, this woolen cardigan was a well informed choice for the weather and the smart casual look especially when he combined it with the t-shirt. S557
  4. Slim fit jeans and T-shirt– This kind of jeans with faded parts of blue combined with the t-shirt to direct the attention to his face. Being slim-fit, the jeans also gave the boots great exposure and made him stand out.S556
  5. Leather Boots – Well, the idea of staying warm and fashionable as I had earlier mentioned in the article ‘6 Grooming Tips to Keep you Warm and Fashionable’ is never without this shoe especially when the rain also accompanies the chilly weather. I mean, It’s always a great way to stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Since their extended ankle line closes the gaps which would otherwise allow cold into your feet.s555

Congratulations Your Excellency,

Mr. Bruce Bravo

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