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Well, today its all about the multi-colored items. They come in different items including the shirt,tie,blazer etc. They are great pieces for the casual look mostly but in recent times the trend has caught up with the office look and are slowly being received. Such items are however very sensitive due to the aspect of ‘multi-color’. Too much of color could make the look quite ridiculous and end up making impressions you never intended. Heard of color clashing? Well, these items can actually put you on that side of the road where like babbzie of babbzie’s blog says ‘ there’s a lot going on’ LOL!

These should however not scare you from putting them on any time and today i’ll dwell on that specifically and exhaustively so as to make your experience one that is simple and easy. These are just some of them, the topic is however very huge and would take several posts to uncover such a topic which i will do but here is a little for today. [Kindly don’t shy away from adding some of your tips on this multi-colored items in the comments section below. Thanks in advance.]

  1. Moderate the ColorsWell, this depends on what item it is and where it will be worn. If its a shirt for example, a plain color trouser will blend in very well more so if it can match either one of the colors on the shirt. This also applies for the multi-colored socks . The trouser should harmonize the colors on the socks. The vice versa is also true.                Image result for suit with checked shirt
  2. Best When Matched Since it already has a number of colors on it, makes it the best item to match colors. If for example, its on the shirt, find out by trying out whether you can match it with for example the socks,tie or the belt or even the suit itself. It goes really well when matched. N/B:Doesn’t have to be exact match just a close match though an exact one would be much better.    
  3. Versatility – Its such an amazing item.Because its colors spell versatility for you. If its a shirt for example, matching the rest of the items makes the look so modest and allows the concentration of anyone looking at you be on the upper body,you can also add a tie that matches one of the colors on the shirt, you can also decide to go casual with it any day etc. I mean, this is one shirt with a number of options for you. This applies for all multi-colored items, the shirt is just an example. Image result for suit with checked shirt
  4. Go Mild on accessoriesWell, accessories are largely used as an addition of color or emphasis of style/trendy look.When it comes to the multi-colored items, largely use the accessories for the stylish/trendy look and less for the addition of color unless the item/look is a bit too dull and you’d like to add some touch of color. Accessories such as the Fashion eye-glass,wrist-watch,Neck-lace will greatly help. You can altogether just leave out the accessories.

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Hope this was so helpful and did shed a lot of light.

Have a Wonderful Evening.Cheers!

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