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Hello! Happy Good Afternoon to you. Welcome to the very first blog post on the new look Suitup55. Would like to pass my gratitude to you for the support you’ve offered over time on wordpress till to this new website. Am grateful indeed. Would also love to pass my thanks as well to Bitsimba Telecommunications Ltd that sponsored this. Thank You Bitsimba. Your kind gesture to lift others is a great inspiration.

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If you’ve been on the internet recently, you must have come across an ad placement for Online Shop that sells items ranging from electronics , jewelry ,watches ,clothes ,shoes and a lot more as well. Its basically a one stop shop for all products you need.Today on where to shop we going to take a look at some of their men’s clothing stock that they have on sale and to be precise, those with discounts on them.Now, a couple of months ago, I shared on what a wish list is all about remember? Well, today am going to dig deeper. Consider this a practical of that blog post..
But before that, its important that I mention this…

For a gentleman in love with official wear, smart casual is your ultimate alternative for the casual look. I mean, it goes nowhere beyond that –  at least for me. The Smart Casual look is a great way to camouflage in a casual setting or before a youthful audience. Well, offers items which as a gentleman are relevant for this look. Take a look at this wishlist which I have made for them from the items they have on sale. Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments section below.

To be honest and sincere, their kind of business leisure shoes are unique and more than that, they are the kind that must feature on one’s shoe rack. Almost by force. I have not worn them neither have I purchased them for myself yet but from the look of this shoe, it’s texture looks amazing, the color of the shoe and it’s design screams quality as well. Just take a look at it… [ The coupon code for a 10% discount on these shoes is Boot 10 ]img_20161102_113512

2. T-Shirt
The Face value of this t shirt easily sells it as a casual item but not exactly. It can pass for a smart casual. Let me trigger your imaginative ability just a little on this t shirt. A Black khaki trouser paired along with this dark grey t shirt and the shoe above is a great Match and yes! a definite smart casual.tee-and-shoe
3. Hat
The current sunny weather in Kenya is beyond being defined as excruciating. Its almost a health hazard and exposing your forehead skin to it only exposes you to sun burns and we all don’t want that, do we? Well, am in love with their hats and you too should be after taking a look. Their variety as well allows one to choose their favorite. Paired along with the look i’ve shared above ( No.2), boy! One thing is certain – you can only but stand out.tshirthat-and-shoe
4. Knit Coat

The Knit Coat which is in fact British is a beauty. The wide lapels are simply amazing and just like a knit tie, its color looks so natural. Adding this knit coat to the above look (No.3) sums the look up.tshirtshoehat-and-knit-coat

Thank you for reading.

Do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

Share with a Gentleman


  1. I love the look bitrue…. Everything is in its place and neat. And the hat is just dope…. The shoes are also amazing….. Great work

    1. Hello Edgar.Great seeing you here. Am glad that you loved the post and the items…There’s more of them in varieties that you can choose your favorite.

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