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Season Greetings Gentleman!

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How be the holiday thus far?

The Holiday is the opportune time for us to engage in so many things that perhaps because of priorities we just couldn’t afford to do. Am talking about tripping to that favorite destination, heading out for a hike or swimming or like it is in this part of Africa, a game drive & we could go on and on….One of the goodies that the holiday brings as well is the freelance in grooming. That freedom that your work just couldn’t allow. Of course that is not in any way bad but there’s just the comfort in choosing what to groom by yourself rather than working under the restrictions demanded by the job, you know what am talking about right? Well, today on Edutainment we talk matters grooming tips for the holiday including the dapper items that complement such seasons. Plus, a bonus style tip just for you!


Tip #1. COLOUR

There are generally two types of colors – Subtle and Bright. The subtle colors refers to – for lack of a better word‘dull’ colors or rather, the not so bright colors. They are the kind that are recommended to the office mostly. Well, when relaxing over this holiday, the bright colors are a best fit especially because it’s a festive season and the atmosphere and environment around you is generally lively and fun.

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Tip #2 Accessorize

They are a beauty in this season and the accessory game is generally free style yet welcoming too. There are a couple of them that you should be aware of and also take advantage of. Firstly, the lapel pin – Get yourself the bright colors. Secondly, the bracelets– when wearing this one with a shirt, kindly fold the sleeves and let the arms do the talking. Thirdly, the pocket square – Hmmm! What an amazing way to emphasize your style. Belt – take on a belt that has added sophistication to it. Socks – Happy socks are a win in this season. Fashion eye glasses – It speaks a lot of style and confidence in yourself as well as helping to make the look relaxed.  

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While relaxing, its best to be kind on your feet allowing them the freedom to mingle with the air…


Tip #3. Shoes

Well, how many types of shoes do you own? While relaxing, its best to be kind on your feet allowing them the freedom to mingle with the air yet you could also go a notch higher by leaving out the socks and taking the boldest look I know, ankle baring.[ Will see it in the bonus style tip]. A business shoe can serve the purpose but the loafers are the ultimate best in fulfilling this.Image result for loafers

Bonus Style Tip.

The ultimate holiday style is the Ankle – baring look. This kind of look is relaxed, comfortable and stylish yet maintains the gentleman feel too. It’s versatility is also its ultimate beauty.

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N/B: More of this will be visually made available in the next post of MCM.


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Would love to hear your response on the tips above though.Kindly use the comments box below. Thanks in advance.


Share with a Gentleman

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    1. Good to see you Edgar Pureheart!
      Your Most welcome and am glad you did find the post excellent and useful.Thank you for giving feedback right here. On the scarf, yes! you are very right. You could throw in a scarf to your look over the holiday only that the scarf is more of a cold season accessory.

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