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Accessories are embellishments in a Gentleman’s attire and for the most part, are a must have. Their role cannot be over – emphasized. However, having a variety to choose from and a reliable stockist of them may be what you just need. Well, today on Where To Shop: Meet the accessories brand that will sort all your accessories bug, get to know my experience with them and, what it is that earned them a feature on the segment.

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 They are an addition of sophistication and color to one’s look whilst also help to emphasize style. Quite interestingly, the accessories found in most shops in Nairobi is all too cliché and if you manage to find something unique and quality, it might be the only one there. That means, the next time you shop, you will have to do some thorough window shopping across the shops in town before you could get another unique and quality accessory.

Well, Age Clothing – an accessories brand will solve your bug and quench the hunger and thirst for quality yet unique accessories. With a variety of accessories ranging from lapel pins to ties, pocket squares, happy socks and belts to bracelets, your indeed well sorted and have your A game spot on. Their client base includes among many others, Magunga of, Nick Nimrod (suit designer) and Mr_eve.



Having learnt about their pop-up store in December which happened to be the second one when I bumped into it over Instagram, i was inclined to visit the store and get myself some of their pieces. On arrival, the variety in accessories had me awed and for some minutes a bit stranded on what to get myself due to the variety in quality and unique stock they had. But after gathering myself together, i got a number of them.


Next Week on Where to Shop: An insight into who AGE Clothing really are. #StayTuned.


For any customer, a number of matters come into play and have influence on whether they stay or flee. First and Foremost, Quality. Well, Age Clothing have quality accessories and ones that I presently don’t find any rival for. Secondly, affordability. It’s one thing to sell and another to make it/them affordable for all. Age Clothing have offers that would absolutely make the items affordable. A good example is the Happy Socks offer which they retail 4 pairs of happy socks [of your choice] for 1500/=. This is a good offer considering that a pair of sock sells at 600/= meaning that if I wanted four pairs, that would be 2400/=. Thirdly, excellent service. The attendants are genuinely welcoming. Something else, everyone that purchases an item from them gets to walk away with an amazingly beautiful gift bag to carry their item(s). Lastly, appreciation. Appreciation to the customer goes a long way to maintain a customer. It may not be every time but the once in a while times it’s done, it acts as a reminder to the customer. Well, am not sure if they do this every time and to every customer but it has got to be appreciated. Handing a free wooden bow tie.



With their website coming up soon, you can keep up with them on Instagram for their great items and offer updates. Instagram: Age_Clothing


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