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Last Week on where to shop, we featured the amazing accessories brand Age-Clothing –Here. Well, today in just four queries we’ll get to know more about the brand, its plans, offers and everything that you would most importantly want to know about the brand. [ Kindly use the comments section below to ask your left out queries and your thoughts on this interview .]

Without further ado, Let us begin!

  1. In a nutshell, introduce the brand – AGE Clothing to us


AGE Clothing is an accessories brand that deals with accessories for suits. We like to further describe our           accessories as gender non-conforming meaning that both men and women can get themselves our accessories for the dapper look. The name AGE -Clothing is an abbreviation for All Good Everything – Clothing. We’ve been in existence since 2013 but got really focused in accessories in 2016. Before that we were dealing in imports/exports kind of stuff. Our inspiration came from sprezza box and lust box which are other companies based in other parts of the world that use this idea . We are duplicating the same service rendered by them there here in Kenya where our clients get a box per month with accessories for their style.


2.  So Far, what has been the response?


Generally, the response has been better than we expected considering that people pass by everyday to buy from us. However, our endeavor to get people to subscribe to the monthly subscription boxes has been really challenging and somewhat ineffective. [ Subscription boxes include a box with four to six different accessories which our clients can subscribe to and become beneficiaries of a box supplied to them every month. So far, it has proved a bit difficult and challenging but hopefully this will turn out for the better.]


3. Thus far, what would you say are your successes/victories?


The most successful thing for us right now has been being in the market. Having people notice our brand and work with us means a lot.


4. For those interested in reaching you, where and how can they reach you?


Currently we are found online – Instagram, Facebook – Twitter. Our website is coming up around the end of January – Other than that, we also hold pop-up stores. Our first pop – up store was in December 2016 but we are looking to make this every two to three months. We are planning on having another pop-up store perhaps before valentines or the first week of March. We usually let people know about the pop-up stores on mostly Instagram. About the offers. We have our current clients on our mailing list and on their birthdays we give them free boxes. To be part of the offer, you need to be on the mailing list. Here’s how you can be in the mailing list: Kindly email us your birthday date, location and phone number to

Their Phone Number – +254736974380


Hope this has been insightful. Do leave your thoughts or more queries in the comments section below and we’ll hand them to respond.



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  1. Hey age…. Nice things you have going on. IMO, you have to give exact details of pages and handles where we can directly search and follow. Thanks

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