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The Segment on its maiden debut had one objective – To Celebrate Excellent Grooming. It’s now one year plus and a good time to take a look at whether it did fulfill it’s objective. You know, Dr. Myles Munroe, in his book Understanding your own potential and discovering the hidden you says,  “success is not a comparison of what we have done with what others have done.”

Holding that in mind, the journey that began last year March has been an upward trajectory thanks to the Lord for the amazing ideas, @Focus_Africa for the Photography and Benardtheblessed ~ for ensuring the ideas came to pass.

In an interesting coverage of some amazingly stylish gentlemen, the journey of a thousand miles like they say, began with one step. Feature by Feature, the writing, the followership, the visitors grew. True to this growth, the segment was the most anticipated by *you* according to the statistics. 5 months down the line and the segment took an interesting turn of events when the brand MCM and Where to Shop had an interesting duo collaboration.

By this time, Christmas bells were already hinting at ringing and then * crickets * NO POST IN OVER HOW MANY DAYS AGAIN?

The objective this time round however, being to meet and interact with the Stylish gentlemen featured on site. Question by question we understood their style mantra, where and how they do their shopping and source of inspiration. By this time, Christmas bells were already hinting at ringing and then * crickets * NO POST IN OVER HOW MANY DAYS AGAIN? *Any of ardent follower that can answer this ?? * sole reason for this being the challenges with logistics like to have the shoot done and even finding the stylish gentlemen around (Priis! This is not at all to mean they are as rare as hen’s teeth. Only that locating them amidst a casual wear dominated sort of culture was becoming absurd).

Anyways, long story short, the Monday posting had to go on a slow as solutions to the now impending ~ enemy of progress ~ were being brokered behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Edutainment,Where to Shop, Global Suit Trends and Inspirational Friday were all representing! (Kudos to them by the way). #Romans 8:28😉

Well, Today is the preamble to the new objective for MAN CRUSH MONDAY. The objective is informed by research carried out by one research firm on Africa. The research found out that Kenya is among the top countries with both fast Internet and highest mobile penetration in Sub – Saharan Africa. Say What?!?! (according to
The State of Blogging and Social Media in Kenya 2015 report)

It however has the youngest active users than Facebook and not only that, the HIGHEST USER ENGAGEMENT .

This can partly be attributed to the isps  (Internet service providers) making the Internet very affordable to access. It is a fact that Facebook is the leading social Media in use while instagram comes in fourth. But that can perhaps be attributed to Instagram being the youngest of them all. It however has the youngest active users than Facebook and not only that, the HIGHEST USER ENGAGEMENT . Now pause for a minute and let’s think out loud, ” if it is the fourth most used social media platform in Kenya but beats the mother of them all on user engagement, then that’s a sounding alarm, ” can you hear it?” Instagram, is widely used for imagery ~ it’s basically that toy which photographers, fashion enthusiasts, elites and brands cannot do without ~ and has 700 million users, 400 million of which are daily active users. The golden egg is this, 16% of female Internet users use instagram (of course they lead on IG. Hehehe!!) and 10% of MALE Internet users use instagram.” (This is as per research done by omnicore agency, data driven marketing experts that have been featured on several top media platforms including usa today ~ internationally distributed American daily middle – market newspaper. )”

Holding this to perspective, my evaluation of how to get your word out to the world affordably and have immediate response from your clients in this present era is through social media and fashion wise, INSTAGRAM.Well, Man CRUSH Monday is taking an ambitious yet bold move to create an amazing fashion and style catalogue for Men both online ( Follow our new MCM instagram pages IG: * will be announced once ready *, Pinterest ) and on site.

My deduction of how this will work out brings me to this:

* Brand Partnerships – This will be of mutual benefit to both MCM ~the brand and interested brand partner. To further know how we can work together. Kindly email us and will get back to you with the complete details.

In a nutshell, Man crush Monday is on the road to becoming the first ever purely kenyan online male catalogue on fashion and style on Instagram & Pinterest (and perhaps in Kenya)..excited as I am? Wish us success folks! (Kindly Remember to like our new IG account: *will be announced once ready* and Pinterest) oh! & kindly share widely with your favorite men’s wear brands to let them know this. You can as well play a part in the success of this amazing idea by sharing your thoughts in the comments PS: every idea shared will be put into consideration.

Shirt and wallet – Kilimall Kenya.( click the link to get your own).

Tie – Age_Clothing

Model : Ell_presidente

Photography : Focus_Africa.

Styling : Benardtheblessed.


Thank you & Cheers!

Benardtheblessed ~ Chief Editor, Suitup55.

Share with a Gentleman

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