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Revamping your wardrobe plays an essential part in informing your style upfront. It helps deal with some of the items that are no longer necessary and do not look like they will feature on your everyday style . Disposing is one way of dealing with them but there should be more creative ways through which you can best do it.

(Have you revamped your wardrobe? Share with us how you handle the unnecessities in the comments section below).

Whilst disposing and any other ways of handling them is part of revamping, the other part is replacing. Well, just what would you replace them with? What are the essentials to get me going? *you may ask* Today on Edutainment ~ We feature [5] essentials which as a gentleman will get you on the groove for the next few months or an year perhaps ~

     ~ shall we get started…

  1. Bespoke Suit

  A suit that is tailored to your specifications in your wardrobe will always have you thinking of how to style it differently. The colors and fabrics are numerous and basically they would all be so amazing if they were in your wardrobe but having an essential bit of them will start you off;


    Nick Nimrod – popular suit designer. 
  • FABRICS – Wool // ~ It’s natural material which means it breathes well both in the heat of the day or cool of the night. Cotton // ~ Not as luxurious as the wool fabric and creases very easily but breathes really well and is very light.                        Linen // ~ Maintains coolness in high temperatures but wrinkles & stains easily. Polyester // ~ Not natural and therefore doesn’t breathe easily. Also, produces lots of shine. Silk // ~ Breathable fabric and natural temperature regulator.                                                                                  

Stay tuned for a complete guide on this  

2. Khaki Pants.

They are staples in your wardrobe! At times, we gentlemen have errands to run in the weekends, weddings to attend, hangouts with friends, family gatherings or any other commitments. Well, they come in handy to give you the comfort and relaxation you would want during such times whilst also keep your style on fleek! Also, they can be formalized when you want.

3 . Happy Socks 

Having a vast array of these amazing socks in your wardrobe is bliss. They come in vast colors all beautifully mixed up. Apart from bringing color to your look and being versatile, they tickle joy and exude confidence & boldness.

4 . Pair of Chelsea Boots // Loafers

Having a pair or more of this on your shoe rack gives you myriads of options when it comes to the shoe game. With an ability to be both an official shoe and a smart casual when you need it, the chelsea boot has an automatic entry into your shoe collection. Loafers on the other hand are a calm and collected pair which when stocked in selected varieties including( but not restricted to) – Tassel Loafer,Horse bit Loafer, Penny Loafer, Boat Loafers or slip-on slippers would have your shoe rack on fleek . However, you can have the essentials and still be good to go – A tassel Loafer, boat (shoe) loafer and a slip-on.

Color Bit: Black,Brown,Burgundy or Purple(You can substitute this color with your favorite color(s) ) .

5. Leather Bags

With characteristics such as high tenacious strength and resistance to tear amongst many others, the leather material is one that has distinguished itself. Products made of this material are an absolute worthy investment. They ooze lots of style, elegance, excellence and beauty and yes! who doesn’t love products that last for as long as you would want and still be in good shape then? Well, MAHI Leather ( can sort you out and even customize it to whatever name you would like. Buying from them saves you 50% that would otherwise end up with middle-men. Once ready, it will be shipped in 4-6 days. 

[Have you done an overhaul of your closet? How did you deal with the oldies / unnecessities? Share with us in the comments section below.]

**Happy NEW Month **

* Sponsored by MAHI Leather.

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